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That Wilkin Flammock of the Green artesanato da regiao sul strike like the hammers of his own fulling-mill. He will fight, I believe, when he cannot help it, said Raymond; but he has no stomach for such exercise, and is as slow and as stubborn as a mule. And therefore are his countrymen rightly matched against the Welsh, replied Dennis Morolt, that their solid and unyielding temper may be a fit foil to the fiery and headlong dispositions of our dangerous neighbours, just as restless waves are best opposed by steadfast rocks. -Hark, sir, I hear Wilkin Flammocks step ascending the turret-stair, as deliberately as ever monk mounted to matins. Step by step the heavy sound approached, until the form of the huge and substantial Fleming at length issued from the turret-door to the platform where they were conversing. Wilkin Flammock was cased in bright armour, of unusual weight and thickness, and cleaned with exceeding care, which marked the neatness of his nation; but, contrary to the custom of the Normans, entirely plain, artesanato da regiao sul void of carving, gilding, or any sort of ornament. The basenet, or steel-cap, had no visor, and left exposed a broad countenance, with heavy and unpliable features, which announced the character of his temper and understanding.
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